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ScoreDix Version History

2007/11/26Available on the Web
2007/12/02 Bug Fix: Individual item deletion - deletes other items in some cases
2007/12/05 Bug Fix: Deletion of triplets
Bug Fix: Group selection failure from inaccurate mouse positioning
2007/12/07 Bug Fix: Sundry loose ends.
2008/01/18 Bug Fix: Further odds and ends.
2008/04/10 Bug Fix: Cresc/Dimin and Long Trill when wrapping between systems.
Bug Fix: Consolidation of text before saving.
2008/11/04Bug Fix: File\Page Setup\Staff-System Overall Settings
2009/07/29 Add: Glissandos
Add: Swing-shorthand label for non-drum voices
2010/06/29Bug Fix: Overflow error when large fonts required.
2010/07/21Bug Fix: Spacer palette item not working properly.
Bug Fix: Play error with cresc./dimin. only spanning two notes.
2010/07/30Bug Fix: Error message on Copy or Cut and Paste of part of a set of notes with tied tails.
2010/08/24Update: Internal change to allow running under Windows 7
Update: Installation change to accomodate Windows 7
2011/11/14Bug Fix: Blank score using Text Items\Add Lyrics
2011/11/28Omission: Sample1.dms left out of 2010/08/24 and following
Bug Fix: Playback, with Recognize dynamics markings turned on, gives out of range error in some cases
2011/12/06Add: Courtesy accidentals
Help File: Replace old style Windows help with Web page
Bug Fix: Wrong bar number in error messages from Tools/Check the Score under some circumstances
Bug Fix: Voice Settings\Individual (Play) MIDI patch selection (?it worked previously?)
2012/01/23 Add: Adjustment of slurs
Add: Expand/contract multi-bar rests
Improve: Cursor movement after item addition through the keyboard
Bug Fix: Contents of clipboard not displayed properly, except in simple cases
Bug Fix: Re-starting Play too soon after stopping previous Play no longer possible
Bug Fix: Group adjustment of notes when a non-note is included in the selection
Bug Fix: Problems in keyboard item addition if the palette display is less than normal
Bug Fix: Improved handling of multi-bar rests in multi-voice situations
Bug Fix: Error message if mouse is clicked too low on the page
Bug Fix: Prevent note insertion into a triplet, or alignment of a note into a triplet
Bug Fix: In Voice Settings\Individual (Show) too many characters allowed for Voice Name, sometimes giving strange errors on re-reading the score
Bug Fix: A number of other corrections, for problems occurring in uncommon circumstances
2012/04/30 Add: Extend text limit from 50 to 150
Add: Double-size bar number boxes when needed
Add: Provision for locking voices to prevent accidental alteration
Bug Fix: Vertical adjustment of drum notes - change head as appropriate
Bug Fix: Error message on aligning drum notes
Bug Fix: Problem when vertically adjusting a single note which is part of an aligned set
Bug Fix: Horizontal alignment of notes between voices improved for some unusual cases
Bug Fix: Automatic slur curvature setting improved
Bug Fix: Copying and pasting of drum parts improved
Bug Fix: Copying and pasting between non-drum and drum voices prevented
Bug Fix: Seldom encountered error in tying note tails
2012/05/25 Bug Fix: Separate Aligned Parts and Combine Voices re-worked to handle more-complex cases
2012/06/18 Bug Fix: Further loose ends in Separate Aligned Parts, Combine Voices and MIDI input, mainly connected with triplets
2012/06/25 Bug Fix: Improved arrangement of notes after MIDI input, Separate Aligned Parts and Combine Voices
2012/09/12 Bug Fix: Improved internal access to the Help file
2012/11/23 Bug Fix: Vertical positioning of previous key signature as naturals, when changing to key C
2015/03/27Bug Fix: Cursor movement by arrow keys for later Windows versions
2015/03/31 Bug Fix: Graphic character placement in strings when printing
Bug Fix: Saving and re-reading Printer Pixels per Half Step
2016/02/05 Bug Fix: File saved with non-default Printer Pixels per Half Step not displaying correctly on re-reading